• A message thread appeared with text that I did not write. What's going on?

    invitly currently connects every individual (1) once he/she/they swiped right or clicked "Connect" on a name card. This means that an automated message is sent to the individual (2) that looks along the lines of: "Hi [first name (2)], great to connect! I noticed your professional goal Find business partners and wanted to discuss this with you". 
    The design of these messages is based on an attempt to streamline the user experience. There is no matching algorithm. So, once you're interested, an automatic message is sent to the other user asking him/her/them to accept or decline your request to connect.

  • I am not matching with people in my industry. How do I change that?

    This may be due to the lack of members in your geographical area who are in your industry. The button on the right just above the profile card is a filter button. It will select certain profiles based on your desired characteristics from your daily batch. If there is no one matching your desired criteria, you will see the rest of the profiles from the daily batch.

  • How do I send feedback?

    We love hearing from you! Your opinions are the most important ones to us, and therefore, we welcome feedback via multiple channels. You can send us feedback directly within the application. On the left-hand side you will see a menu. At the top, you have options to edit your profile and in the middle following "My preferences", you should see an option to "Send Feedback."
    If you prefer a different format for feedback, please feel free to either directly message within the app one of our team members, who are automatically added to all new users, or you can email oc.yltivni%40tcatnoc

  • Who sees my posts in Community News?

    All of the users of invitly see posts in Community News! It is not only your connections who see your posts. Hence, if you have finished swiping for the day, you can communicate with more users on the platform via Community News.

  • Are there rules to posts in Community News?

    We encourage as many of our users to connect with one another to meet their professional goals. So, we highly recommend all users to engage on Community News. There are no strict rules on the page. As long as you remain pertinent to a professional domain and use respectful language, your post will not be in violation of our policies. Purely promotional content, however, is discouraged because we are not an advertising platform, but rather we aim to build trust-based communities of professionals.

    We look forward to your posts and further getting to know you!